JVC / HA NC-250

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Optimum portability 1

  • For both comfort and portability, the HA-NC250 was designed to be one of the lightest headphones in its class, weighing just 5.3 oz. This makes the HA-NC250 nearly the same weight as...
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Optimum portability 2

  • Of course, the focus on optimum portability has not compromised any of the outstanding sound quality. For the best possible sound reproduction, the HA-NC250 employs a 1.5 inch neodymium driver unit in each earpiece. Powering the noise cancelation circuitry, a single AAA battery will give around 50 hours of quiet listening pleasure. Even when it runs out, the headphones can still be used normally without the noise canceling function.
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Optimum portability 3

Ideal for the compact traveller, in its slim carrying case the HA-NC250 takes up less space in your suitcase, briefcase, or carry-on baggage than most competing models.